Global Data Capture and Mack have been working together for almost a decade and have been on a quest for trade show ROI. The great news is all the hard work has been done. The journey has taken you from the old days of paper printed leads to a fully automated, custom application that builds customer relationships, seamlessly saving a lot of money behind the scenes.
Global Data Capture Capabilities

The GDC and Mack partnership was created to obtain leads on the tradeshow circuit and transfer that data directly into usable information. The great news is that the goal has been realized and also includes solid ROI. The journey has taken you from the days of paper printed leads to a fully automated, custom application that builds customer relationships, seamlessly saving a lot of money behind the scenes.

We want you to understand the level and depth that GDC is integrated into your system, and how time and cost is saved with each show.

Universal Lead Capture

The GDC Universal Lead Capture Platform integrates with any show code to capture leads, buying habits, and fulfill brochure requests. Mack's custom iPad application is linked directly to your Eloqua CRM platform so the data never has to be managed and without additional labor or time, flows directly, in real time, to begin the marketing automation process.

Integrate with Any Application

The GDC platform and services can be integrated with any interactive experience including Augmented Reality and VR.

GDC works directly with your marketing and agency teams to ensure seamless transitions of your assets into any custom Interactive Game, AR, or VR experience. All data captured can flow directly into any CRM provider.

Giving your Sales Brochures Value

All heavy, expensive paper brochures have been converted into electronic versions which has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars over time, eliminating tons of paper in printing, shipping, storing, and waste. These are materials designed by your agency and converted by GDC to use in our system. All data points are captured including email and document open rate.


GDC's data driven engagement technologies not only help drive target market engagement but also confirm ROI on leads, and has for many years; proving its value and allowing Mack to put its resources into the right actions.

From Tradeshow to Dealership or Retail

In Mack's continuous quest for ROI we recreated a trade show specific Interactive Sales touch screen Application as an easy-to-use iPad version, and added several features that sales reps could use in their dealerships. This application was made available for any size touchscreen and on the Apple App Store.

For example, when a sales person types in the name of an interested party the system displays the entire history of that person's interactions with anything MACK. That's because all the data ever captured on show site with badge scans or on-screen interactions was kept and integrated into the MACK database and always available. That's the power of GDC.

Live Event Production
GDC works with your marketing and agency teams to not only to ensure seamless transitions of your assets into our interactive platforms but to also produce your live events.

Global Data Capture (GDC) is an All-Inclusive Event and Tradeshow Company providing nationwide implementation of some of the industry's most advanced technologies from Universal Lead Retrieval Kiosk packages, State-of-the-Art Audio-Visual Rentals, Mobile Applications, Educational Programs and Interactive Content Production.

GDC specializes in turn-key solutions for all of your events from engineering and design to delivery and installation. Our reach includes Live Events, Meetings, Training Seminars and Fully Immersive, Interactive Tradeshow experiences. With over four decades of experience in the Event and Trade Show industry, our team at GDC is poised to support your event from inception to completion. We partner with your design and production teams to ensure that the optimal technology solution is tailored to meet your expectations and your budget requirements. This partnership with your team is what separates us from other event providers.

In order for us to keep helping you move successfully into the future we would like to re-introduce you to our company and show you some of our capabilities that apply, and share with you a few examples of some of the work we do for our other customers.
TD Auto Finance

We created an all-inclusive environment for TD Auto Finance. From the badge scan to the final analytics, our powerful platform scanned, sorted, and safeguarded all the acquired data and even assisted in getting the booth named Best at Show. Equipped with RFID, a 3-D dealership, interactive game, and the ability to customize the graphics and personalize the greeting for each guest, the booth was a powerhouse of data capture and interaction.

Chase Bank Pall Novartis Oncology

In addition to the other services we create for Chase, they had a custom need to send invitations for a special ribbon-cutting ceremony of their new Home Center in Newport Beach, CA. It included a fully automated invitation, RSVP, registration, and decline emails, that tracked responses, thank yous and follow-ups. The entire program lives on our platform and was fully integrated into the Chase system, so all correspondence was visible and accessible at any time by Chase staff.

Pall Life Sciences, makers of bioprocessing equipment, needed a way to qualify buyers at a recent show so GDC set up a touch screen application that would gather leads, interest levels, and qualify buyers on different product, all in one platform. Included were presentations, electronic literature and brochures, and all data was integrated and viewable by Pall 24/7.

We also installed the first curved video wall for Pall, always on the leading edge.

Novartis Oncology has a continuous need at trade shows due to FDA regulations to respond back to doctors within 24 hours. Our solution scans the show badge at the med desk, matches the person to two different data bases, interfaces with the Novartis CRM platform, and allows Novartis to remain compliant with FDA regulations. This custom application is in use at all the Novartis events. At GDC we're able to listen to a client's needs, and create solutions that target specific objectives and provide specific outcomes.

Nationwide AV Equipment Rental and Production Resources

Staging Capabilities Extend to
indoor & outdoor rigging, screens and projection, audio, lighting, and crew, utilized for corporate shows, awards, music concerts, festivals, events, and more.

AV Gear, Anywhere includes
LED walls, image mapping, indoor/outdoor projection, tablets, touch screens, sound support, programmable lighting, set & production design.

Content Production Extends to
video production, interviews, animation, sound design, interactive programming for games and learning exercises, documentary production, product introductions, sizzles & teasers, and more.

Global Data Capture